Inaugural Cohort


With an extensive background in corporate travel management and hotel procurement, BTP Automation is committed to revolutionizing the industry. Through full automation of both the compliance and corrective actions necessary to create real value, BTP will forever change the way corporate travel is managed.


Certified Africa is a travel company that simplifies travel to Africa for black travelers that want to immerse themselves in culture and heritage and explore lifestyle, business and investment opportunities in Africa. 


Scurry Club is a members-only platform that provides incredible experiences, holidays and events. We believe a life well lived is not just about getting from A to B. We value curation over abundance, authenticity over garishness, and ease over extravagance. For a fixed monthly subscription, we provide our members with 3 curated holidays during the year, insider only travel content, deals and events.


Booking ground transportation services has been a long-standing challenge, the inability to access suppliers online or to connect them to independent reservations systems has been all but impossible.

We certainly don’t claim to have all the answers to help ease the pain points in the ground transport market. But what we do have, is a Channel Manager solution that connects independent travel reservation systems to their suppliers and provides their suppliers with an online presence.


TROOP delivers a scientific, algorithmic and data-driven approach to designing the most effective global meeting and events strategy for your team, saving time and money while significantly reducing your carbon footprint.


VISXA is a platform that connects immigrants, nomads, and travelers with immigration experts worldwide. It looks like Upwork for relocation issues.

It works simply, Users sign in on the platform, fill in a 5-min quiz, get a free consultancy call, and then VISXA will find them a suitable expert that can solve their problem.

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